Labeling NEW automations when they are created UI flow

Labels are AWESOME but the flow of adding labels could be improved. Please consider a prompt or button to “add a label” when automations are first created. In my opinion the most appropriate and convenient time to add a label is when you save a new automation. This should encourage users to use the feature before they end up with hundreds of unlabeled automations and find themselves trying to label them in bulk later.

Additionally I see no way to to add or delete labels when I’m actively editing an automation. This is the second most likely screen I would want to add or change a label from. For instance if I add a new feature I may want to add a new label. Alternatively when I finalize an automation after I’m done testing it I often disable debug messages and want to remove the “TEST” label I add to new automations.

In both cases it’s cumbersome to exit the automation editing screen, find the automation I want to label out of hundreds, click the select button, select the automation, and finally add the label. That process is great for bulk editing but not so great for day to day use.


Well if it has a drop-down of existing labels it could be helpful.
Now you have to do Shish-Kabob - Information - Gear to get to labels.

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