Labels - Front Door Door?

I migrated a bunch of contact sensors to HA. I named them “Front Door”, “Garage Door”, “Patio Door”, “Bathroom Window”, etc.

When I add contact entities to the cards on the dashboard they show up as “Front Door Door”, “Garage Door Door”, etc. It seems that I have two poor options to avoid duplicate word “Door” - 1) Omit “Door” in the device name, or 2) rename entities of every single device.

Is there a better option to avoid 2nd “Door” word in dashboards? Ideally i’d also get rid of “Temperature”, etc. When I see 70F I know it’s temperature and not voltage or brightness :).

Same here!

If there was a config file with all the names I could do “find Door Door, replace with Door”, find “Temperature replace with blank”. But I wasn’t able to Google the location of such file. Does anyone know if it exists?

Except if I miss-read you, you migrated but using which integration?


There is, but one little mistake editing it and HA does not start anymore. Look at the .json in the ./config directory.

OK, interesting.
Maybe it deserves a discussion in the project GitHub repository as it is only possible to fix here, auto-discovery payloads should be modified.
In fact as it is the case in Home Assistant I.E. for Nuki where the door sensor has no name to avoid these kind of redundancy.
Because if it is not fixed in ZB2MQTT, the only solutions are to edit the JSON file knowing you have to be very careful and backup it before, or rename manually which takes a long time.

Where is that file? None of the .json files I checked have entity names.

Go to Settings/Add-Ons and your file editor there ( i assume thats what your pics is ? , in the “Configuration” of your editor, click away .storage .json( above IgnorePattern ) … if you use an other editor, make sure you “See” hidden files and folders

I suppose it’s /config/.storage/core.entity_registry. It’s a ton of stuff there but no string “Front Door Door”. When I rename the entity to e.g. “Front Door Contact Label Test” it does show up in the file. I believe “Front Door Door” is generated on the fly when the name value is “null”. When you name it in UI, the null is replaced with actual value. So there is no way to search for “Door Door” replace with “Door”.

I bit the bullet, sat down for 20 mins and manually renamed all entities. Thanks all.