Labels: The missing piece

I think that the addition of labels, categories and floors is an excelent addition to HA. I particularly like the new data tables and the ability to slice and dice and sort. The additions comming in 2024.5 will add even more functionality.

This said, I think there is a missing piece that would add even more value: a data table that listed all the devices, entities (including automations, scripts, helpers etc.) relating to a given label or labels.

This is because, I would like to use labels to label all the ‘components’ that are used in a particular use case. For example, I have a use case that tells me when my oven has reached temperature. This uses a helper, an automation and a script (along with an entity). I would like to label all of these with ‘Notify when oven is up to temperature’ , and then see all these components in the same data table. This would make it easier to maintain. All the pieces are accessible in one place for amendment or deletion.

Isn’t this just another label? If you went to the entities view under settings where you can see all entities, wouldn’t filtering on your label do what you want?

OH YES! Thanks @parautenbach

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