Lacrosse support of toggle of datarate

My ~20 Technoline temp/hum sensors seem to use different datarates - so I need the toggle mode.
Regardless if togglemode is enabled or not in configuration.yaml, Jeelink USB stick only reports 4 sensors.
This can be easily seen by using

stty 57600 raw -echo </dev/ttyUSB1
cat /dev/ttyUSB1 & cat > /dev/ttyUSB1

When I manually set the toggle mode on the stick by the command, all my sensors are being reported by the stick.

init 30t 0a 868310f v

Unfortunately, then the USB1 is connected to the terminal and not to HA anymore.
So it seems I must restart HA, to make is read from USB1 again - but then also the sticks init-setting is back to HA-configuration - And so I do not receive the other sensors.

I.e. toggle_mode seems not to be working - But the stick supports it.
I am using Stick FW “LaCrosseITPlusReader 10.1s”
Does HA use an incorrect init-command to the stick?

Has anyone tested the toggle mode successfully?


i had the same “problem”
after a littel bit study this i had the idea to change the Arduino Sketch and re Uplode it :wink: