Lag Everywhere (but not every time)

I’ve been having this issue around a month, I’ve had a number of different things going on that I haven’t been able to think much about it, but now that I’m getting back into a regular groove it’s becoming really annoying. Anytime I do anything like try to turn on a light or perform an action or when an automation is performed, most of the time there is a very noticeable lag in between me executing an action and it being performed, such as the light turning on. It can delay up to about 4 seconds, but it’s not always that long and it doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes it does it right away. Sometimes turning a light on will lag, but turning it off right afterwards is fast, sometimes vice versa. I might even be able to turn it back on quick, but they’re not anymore.

This is true for anything though, not just wireless devices, even completely hardwired devices exhibit the same problem. Any and everything throughout home assistant suffers from this, no matter the connection and I have quite a bit of different types. I haven’t really changed anything in the last several weeks, the only difference is that there have been updates over time that I have done. I have looked in the logs and there are a number of errors about some things, but I’m not sure if they’re new and they don’t necessarily seem to imply anything about lag.

If anyone has any advice or maybe you can tell me what to look at or what I could do to maybe try to pin down what this issue is and correct it, I’d appreciate it.