Lag when turning off Samsung TV

I can use my Samsung TV as a media player in HA. Everything seems to work fine but when i turn off the TV with the Samsung remote control it takes very long (10 minutes) before its state in HA is updated to “Off”.
Turning the TV on will immediately change the state to “On”. There seems to be a lag when turning the TV off.
Is there a possibility to check the state more often so HA can react almost immediately instead of 10 minutes later?

As per the documentation, the default is “no timeout”, which seems to effectively translate to 10 minutes. I changed the timeout to 30 seconds, and it now takes less than a minute.

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Thanks, but that did not change anything… I think the timeout counter starts after HA senses that the TV has been turned off. The problem is actually that HA needs a long time before it senses the TV as been shut down.

You’re missing the point, please do read the documentation.

By default, it has no timeout set. Which means it takes 10 minutes to realise the TV is off.

If you set a timeout, I’ve gone with 30 seconds, then it will realise the TV is off more immediately, which is what you’re asking for.

- platform: samsungtv
  host: a.b.c.d
  timeout: 30

I did read the documentation, but what is meant by timeout is rather unclear. Setting it to 30 did not work for me. It takes still a lot of time before Hass knows the TV is off.

In HA 0.62 this is fixed. The logs were flooded for about 10-15 minutes so the timeout setting did not have any influence during this period. I am glad it’s working now.