LaMetric - Notifications and Switching Apps

I think that it would be great if we could extend the capabilities of LaMetric.

First by adding the ability to send notifications ( Ithink that it’s called a “note” in LaMetric) To display messages with their duration. A length of “0” would display until another action is sent or length of “3” for example would leave the message on the screen for 3 minutes until reverting back to what it was set to before, such as the clock.

Second, the ability to switch to a different app, I know that for my use, I would like to switch to the “Blank” app to darken the screen when a movie is playing. Same idea, a time of “0” would be until another request is sent, or any other integer for the time that the app should be displayed on the screen. I know that for me, I would like to switch to the weather app for a window of 10 minutes in the morning then back to the clock.

Would any one else thing that this could be beneficial?