Lamp converted to smart light / display

I had a battery powered Minecraft lamp sitting at my desk that the batteries had run out of. And seeing as I just got a new ESP8266 board delivered to my door I figured I’d do something fun with it. So I gutted the internals of everything since I also had 2 pieces of 8-bit RGB LED’s lying around. Put the ESP board in with the LED’s and also cut a hole to fit a 1.3" OLED display where the “mouth” is.

Put together some code to handle webrequests, and now I have a little light on my desk USB powered with a display and RGB. Since the plastic of the lamp is actually green there aren’t too many colors that shine through. But it mostly lights green and what I did use the RGB for is lighting it red when I have incoming notifications on my phone or rining.

The display will then tell me how many unread notifications I have as well as show the latest one scrolling in text. This is done through HA with my phones sensors, running an automation that sends the request through a rest_command.

Besides this the lamp is also on a timer showing different things like weather, upload/download on the network etc. over time. Was a fun little experiment!

I’m sorry I don’t have any building pictures. Feel free to comment/ask anything.

See video here for example: