Lamp entity has stopped working but the status entity still does (after 2022.9 upgrade)


I have problems with lamps after upgrading to 2022.9

There are 2 entities for each bulb, the bulb itself and the status entity. For each bulb the status entity works but, the light entity is “no longer being provided by the mqtt integration”.

I removed and re-added the light and when it imports the device it only add the status entity.

I haven’t changed any other configuration settings and other devices provided by MQTT are working fine. The bulbs in question are running Tasmota

Are you sure you don’t see any errors in the logs about the white_value being removed?

(right there are the bottom of Breaking Changes)

I’m not sure if that’s the error. All I see is the Sensor but, no Controls.

I’ve also noticed that even though the data for the sensor is being refreshed, I removed and cannot re-add one of the lamps.

Is it some sort of MQTT problem?

I re-added the lamp and previously from the Tasmota console I have seen a ton of traffic… now I don’t see anything at all…

Yes I can confirm it has something to do with the MQTT integration. I managed to get the lamp to work by using the official Tasmota intergration.

Now my problem devices show two connections. Each device has a Tasmota connection and an MQTT connection, except the MQTT connection is dead.

It’s working but, it would be nice to know what’s causing the issue.