Lamp is going on without trigger in Log

Hello dear community,

I am observing a behavior that one of my lamps turns on by itself from time to time. I tried to understand the behavior in the logs, but I don’t get far.

As you can see on the screenshot, the lamp went on without a trigger being displayed. The timestamp when this happens is always different. I have a large Zigbee network with ZHA integration and everything works fine. But I can’t clear this thing here…

Does anyone have good ideas?

Thank you for your help!

Maybe it is the lamp itself that does it, like it turns on after a short, due to moisture, heat or other enviromental impacts.

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This was going to be my suggestion. Sourced from the lamp itself?

Certain Zigbee bulbs default on after power loss. Brief power drops cause them to pop ‘on’ for 'no reason.

Also some brands turn on after a successful firmware update. Some after a FAILED firmware update (my Osrams used to do this - really annoying when one of the early firmware rolls was glitchy and took a few times to actually install… Still some others both failed and attempted. Did the bulb think it needed an update?