Lamp with only color after the update 2022 8 0

After the update 2022 8 0 some lamps stopped work whit white (and warm) and only work with colors.


I have other lamps on the same HA work normal.


All lamps are from the same manufacturer and some of the same model

Update to 2022_8_1, the same problem.


And that is…?


No. I still don’t know which manufacturer (and hence integration) has the issue.

Sorry, I thought I spelled it wrong the first time.

They are.
Model HG06104A, HG06106B manufactured by Lidl Livarno.

A try reconfiguration (using ZHA) and get this output.


Do you use zigbee2mqtt or ZHA?


I don’t know if this information can help. On developer tools show this.

Lamp whit problem.

Other lamp same manufacture but without problem.


the color_temp no show on first.


If you are sure this lamp actually supports color_temp you should raise an issue here:"integration%3A+zha"

I’m sure, it has been working here for over a year.

I will open a case there

Thanks for the answers.

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See that this is not a hot topic, but my zigbee light only gives me white, not able to dim and no RGB colours??