Lamteric notification to a specific target

I have read the instructions i have linked below and i can’t understand what value i should use as target: when i only want to notify a specific lametric time. I have tried ip-adress, the name the device has in the app and i can’t seem to get it to work.
It works fine without the target so all is good except for target-choice:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No one uses LaMetric and Target? :frowning:

Hello, I have just one LaMetric device, but I have try Target with a bad name, and no notification appear.
But with the name (red surrounded) it work.
you can modify name by tap modify (blue surrounded) and then tap picture of th device.

message: " {{ states('sensor.netatmo_salon_exterieur_temperature') }}°C dehors."
target: 'My LaMetric'
  sound: 'notification'
  icon: 'i17632'
  cycles: 2
  priority: 'critical'
  icon_type: 'none'

Hi, thanks.
I had a dash in that name and that seems to be a problem. changed the name to only be letters and now it works.
Thanks for the confirmation on what value to use so i could troubleshoot :smiley:

Now working as intended!