LAN connect

I cannot connect to my Home Assistant Yellow from my Windows 11 PC (both devices are on my local network). When I try to connect, I get: “err_tunnel_connection_ failed”. I have restarted the Network, PC, and HA to no affect.

My HA install is working, I can ping HA from my PC, the IP Address has not changed. I can connect to HA using my Android HA Companion App. I can also connect to HA via Tailscale on my Android phone, but not from Tailscale on my PC. I can see Samba Shared HA network drives in Win Fie Explorer.

I am running HA 2023.9.2 and recently updated Node Red, Studio Code Server. I also Installed Windows cumulative update yesterday (9/13/23). Everything was working after the updates. Problem was first seen today after my normal morning PC start-up.

I uninstalled the Windows updates and restarted but the problem persists. Disabling the firewall did not help. I have HA backups prior to the HA updates but have not yet restored. Any suggestions?

I have determined the problem is with Microsoft Edge. I installed Google Chrome Browser and the connection to HA works as expected. I can connect in Edge under a new work profile account, but cannot repair my Edge current personal profile account. I’m communicating with Microsoft Support. Will update if I get an answer.


I am having the exact same issue with Edge. Chrome works 100% but Edge has the same error, have reset Edge and repaired it to no avail.

I ran into this same issue this morning when trying to access my Home Assistant by IP address using Edge, which has worked many times before.
What got it working for me was turning off this VPN setting in Edge. This seems to be a new feature in Edge and I am curious why it is only breaking this site. I can access my router fine using its IP address.

This is under the ‘Browser essentials’ button in the top toolbar of the browser.