Lanbon Plugs, integrated with Google Home

Hello, I recently bought a few in wall wifi sockets, Lanbon L6, they are integrated and can be controlled through an app called “Smart Leaving-Lanbon” and through Google Home, does anyone know if I can integrate them to HA and if it’s possible to create an entity for them so I can Switch them on and off using HA?

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I am in the same boat as Renos31.

Have had the Lanbon for over 12 months and have just installed Home Assistant.

Any others able to assist controlling the On/Off would be great.

if anyone out there wants to have a go I reckon there is enough info at the link below to build an integration, I’ve got a house I’m fitting out with 50+ lanbon devices and HA integration would be good

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It seem that Lanbon switches have been upgraded to support home assistant. At least version 1.0.23

Contact the sales. I believe their documentation is not public and have to be requested through their sales.