Landingpage docker images not published for all targets - with workaround


I recently ran into some trouble running HAOS on an ODROID-C4. After digging into the supervisor container logs, I saw what was wrong. docker failed to pull So, I ran docker pull homeassistant/odroid-c4-homeassistant:landingpage (which works because it is published on docker hub: Docker Hub - I mean hopefully I just didn’t root myself or whatever). Now the image exists locally so the supervisor runs into no problems. I had to reboot tho since there were some SSL issues which weren’t fixed by restarting the supervisor.

So in summary:

  • The landingpage image is missing from for at least odroid-c4 - and probably others (did some searching)
  • You can work around this with docker pull homeassistant/odroid-c4-homeassistant:landingpage && reboot (replacing odroid-c4 with your arch if appropriate)

I wasn’t sure where to file this as an issue on GitHub, so I put it here. Hopefully this can be routed to the right people.

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