Landis+Gyr G370 "smart" meter

Hi All -

I’ve just built a home assistant glow and attached it to my Electricity meter (an absolutely awesome project, btw), and would now like to do something similar with my Gas meter - a Landis+Gyr G370 “Smart” Gas meter:

There’s also a Trilliant SEAP-2000-V hub:

These have been in the house since I bought it, at which point I changed suppliers so now understand this to be a “dumb” meter (What a waste of tech!)

My question is - is there ANY way of getting data out of the gas meter? The product page talks about Zigbee and there looks to be some kind of dual LED/IR inside the black circle on the right, but can’t find any decent manual on how this would work.

Any help most appreciated!

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Hi Neil,

I’ve got the exact setup in my home and the same situation that my smart meters are now dumb. I have found some threads showing that you can frequency scan for the data being transmitted and unpack that data into HA but it’s well above my skill level. Zigbee EP (energy profile) is a secured version of Zigbee. very frustrating that nobody has managed to circumvent this and access the data.

Have you managed to get any further than that looking into it?

Hi James -

Unfortunately not!

Well I also have the same setup, And looking for a solution. :sweat_smile:

Same here - was supposed to bed upgraded to SMETS 2 remotely, early 2022, this came and went. Then late 2022, again came and went. Emailed Octopus again about 3 weeks ago, no response.

When they’re upgraded to SMETS2 and on DCC, you can use the Hildebrand Glow Stick solution.

Octopus refuse to install new meters (requested this repeatedly for the last 3 years) and just tell me to wait for the upgrade.