Landroid_cloud, how to automate pause?

Installed Landroid cloud succesfully. I have a card where is also a pause button and it works. But I cant find solution how to automate that pause. There are services landroid_cloud.configure/partymode/setzone/lock/restart/edgecut, but not pause. On device actions, there is possibilities to start “cleaning” or go to base.

Is there anyway to find out what kind of message does the card’s pause button send because it works?

Was just trying to figure this exact thing out, want to make my own entity card for start/pause/go to base. Did you ever figure out what these commands are?

No, I didn’t :confused:

It looks like you can setup any trigger you want to call service and then search for your lawn mower name and you’ll see a pause option. I was able to get some stuff working that way last night.