Landscape RGB Lights Recommendation

Looking to know if anyone has any idea where I could source landscape lights with RGB that are wired. Everything I find has a remote control with it. I want to control it with ESPHome or a PI Zero. If I put lights around my entire house I don’t want to point a remote everywhere.
I’ve tried these on ebay but I have to take it apart and remove the remote control IR receiver and wire in a four wire cable to control it with esphome.

It is a completely different price range, but I am very happy with the Hue outdoor lights. The price periodically dips below $300. I wouldn’t buy it until that happens.

Yeah those would work but I need approx 15 so that’s like $1500+ on lights. No way the wife will accept that :slight_smile:

Start a GoFundMe? :slight_smile:

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So the ones you are looking at are IR? MAYBE you could use them with something like Broadlink RM Pro+. You’d have to have them situated in a way where it could hit them all, which I am sure would be difficult. It probably wouldn’t work, but just throwing it out there.

Yeah that’s the problem they would be around the entire house pointing at the house. I don’t understand why all these manufactures only give the remote option as the lights are never pointed to a position of line of sight.

I have these:
LED Deck Lighting Kits, FVTLED…

They come with a Magic Home controller.
I swapped it out with a GLEDOPTO controller and added it to hue. You could break the waterproof seal and flash esphome then just put it in weather proof box.
They make brighter models, I would recommend getting the bigger ones to really light up your plants. I have the next size up on my above ground pool rail, they’re much brighter. They’ve been outside for almost three years now, one died but the company rushed me a replacement, they’re fairly modular with their twist connectors. You can add lengths of pre-terminated cable between them if you want to run the wire under steps or something.

Oh and I cut PVC to sink them in to point them better. Painted the PVC black.

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I put some Lohas lights where I had power outlets, and they are amazing (using Tasmota). These lights look interesting. Do they work with any other LED controllers that are easy to flash? Or these have the standard pins to flash with Tasmota or ESPHome?

They will work with anything that takes rgb or rgbw wires.
I have a H801 controller they would work with with Tasmota but I don’t recommend that unit because it has the smaller flash size and can’t run full Tasmota.
I just like this one 3rd party Hue app that makes really nice color effects and I’ve confirmed it all works locally, at least after it’s set up.

Should try it with this then?

This looks interesting. Does this work with Home Assistant? Will it power the lights I linked to?

I like the light keithcroshaw posted but those are not mountable in mulch :slight_smile: I want something that can be aimed.

I have the same and can confirm that it works with HA.
Use fluxled platform while setting it up

Mine are in mulch. I just took pvc and painted it black cut it just long enough that you can bury it a bit to aim it. Like I said if anyone gets them definitely get one size bigger. They’re so much brighter.

Are these the larger size ones? I can’t seem to find them. Amazon lights

So I would probably get these:

They’re a bit more but still not Hue’s crazy price. Magic Home works pretty well with Home Assistant but I replaced it with the GLEDOPTO controller to make it work with Hue.

Sucks can’t get them sooner:
Arrives: Aug 17 - Sep 8

Fastest delivery: July 31 - Aug 5

Oh yeah bummer. They don’t keep a ton of stock stateside but usually it’s in stock.

New to home assistant. Is there a way to get these to work with wled?

@FSchmitthammer which ones? I think the answer is yes. The ones I got are not individually addressable though, but WLED can do single color.