RGB Landscape Lighting that's of decent quality and not Bluetooth

Any suggestions? I’ve got Lutron RadioRa2 so it could integrate with that. My spouse wants something like FX Luminaire (https://www.fxl.com) and won’t be happy with the currently available Tuya stuff from AliExpress…
Mostly because if the way it looks. They don’t seem to have path or area lights. So I can spend some money on it… but I want reliable, hardwired (not solar), RGB or RGBW ideally, and of course it needs to integrate with Home Assistant.

Curious if anyone’s found something higher end that can integrate well. Maybe the new 2023.1 Google Assistant API gives a glimmer of hope?

Does hue make anything that would work?

Oh, that’s an excellent suggestion. They have more than I remembered. Looking into that now.

Hi @_Mike … I think I’m about to pull the trigger and buy into Hue’s outdoor lighting in a big way. Any thoughts or advice before I do since you posted that you liked them?

I have some electrical run to various places in my yard in prep for generic lanscape lighting from my contractor. I think it may make sense to get a couple 24V transformers that are more powerful than Hue’s, which go up to 95W. Then I think I will cut/splice/heat shrink on some of the ends from Hue’s own extension cables since they have propietary connectors.

So this is what I’m thinking about getting:

Hi @PostHumanGod - I have been very happy with my Hue lights. I have a bunch both inside and outside of the house. As you probably know, the Hue transformers only support a limited number of lights and distance. I personally would not feel comfortable cutting and splicing to use a third party transformer, but it might be perfectly fine. If you go that route, please let me know how it turns out.

The only weirdness I have experienced with the outdoor lights is that Hue/HA (not sure which) sometimes thinks that they are unreachable - Even though they can still be controlled. There is a configuration that allows you to ignore the connectivity status. Once I selected all of my outside lights in that config, everything worked fine.

Another thought - Does this system use Pico remotes similar to the Caseta system? I am controlling many of my Hue lights using Pico remotes and HA automations. This way I have seamless consistent switches on my walls, and have a physical way to control the lights. Some are simple on/off Picos. And some are the Picos with the center button, which I use to toggle between a preset list of colors.

Just food for thought…