Landus Gyr smart meter E470 / G470 HA integration

HI, my utility has said I can get a "Landis + Gyr and the model is,

  • Electricity SMETS2 meter: E470 model
  • Gas SMETS2 meter: G470 model

It is closed, the smart devices won’t communicate with a personalised network. This will use the HAN(home area network) which is formed from the CHF(comms Hub)."

Can HA or anything else integrate with this SMTS2 meter?

The manufactuerers page mentions zigbee smart energy profile but this seems closed :frowning:

It also mentions DLMS / COSEM but I presume these are industry specific automatic meter reading things HA can’t acccess.

I was wondering if i can read from the home display thing they provide (i’m getting details).


Anyone had any success?


I have just gone out to look at my meter and I have the same was hoping to see a p1 port but no.

I’m looking in to similar. Digging through these docs:

Thinking either (possibly) the built-in zigbee, or a pulse counter to measure electricity consumption.

The electricity side is easy: You can attach a photodiode to the impulse led that the E470 has, or you can attach a clamp to the live cable and read it that way.
The gas meter though (G470) does not seem to have any LED or magnet or pulse output that is available for reading (at least not without tampering/opening up the device). This is frustrating, and I have not yet found a way to read mine.

The only other option is to use one of the companies that are registerd as “DCC Other User”, authorize them to get your data from the DCC (where your meter automatically uploads them, assuming the smart functionality works fine), and get your data that way. Bright app / glowmarkt can be set up that way and you can get your data at 30 minute intervals for both gas and electricity, via a HTTP API or MQTT they make available to their servers. Home-assistant integrations exist for this. This can also be for free, but you can also purchase their own device. There are other compamies that offer similar.

I have not yet found a device that can be integrated into the closed zigbee home network and offer up the real-time data to you… still looking, they must exist.
But as far as directly reading the gas meter goes without involving cloud services or a new device in the meter’s zigbee network, no luck so far.

Note on the above: The DCC stuff and cloud-based integrations assume you are in the UK and those meters are used as DCC-integrated SMETS2 meters. If not, then ignore that part.

Thanks @georgek . Was hoping some sort of simple USB photodiode exists I can use (my homeassistant pi is quite close to my electricity meter), but googling looks like most people make their own and connect to mqtt for the feed.
My provider doesn’t allow access to data other than through their app :frowning:

If you’re in the UK with a smets2 meter, then you can get the data at 30 minute intervals from companies that connect to the DCC (like hilderband and n3rgy) without your energy provider being involved at all. Your provider is just another user of this DCC data. It doesn’t matter who your provider is or what they allow or not, you can always do this.
Or you can install a new CAD device in your network and get the real time data that way, or get it through your existing CAD device if you’re lucky enough to have a Geo Trio 2 device.

About photodiodes: you can buy a simple photodiode module and connect it to the raspberry directly to one of the gpio pins. Check this. After doing this you can get the data as a sensor in home assistant likely without mqtt.

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Could you elaborate on this please? I’ve just had smart meters fitted with a Trio II and was looking for a way to ingrate with HA and came across this thread. What do I need to integrate it?