Language reverts to Polish after some time

Hi all, I’m quite new to HA and I’m studying the docs. Right now I have a weird behavior I cannot explain. I’m running HA on top of a Debian installation. I’m located in Italy, the o.s. language is Italian, the default coordinate in the configuration file points to an Italian city, etc… but since the first run HA set the language to… Polish!

I changed it from the application itself and for some time it works in Italian. But at a certain point it reverts back to Polish!

What might cause such a behavior? is there a way to permanently set the language?

I have had the same problem today. It was English for multiple months. But now it suddenly changed back to dutch. Is there a way to put the default language in the config file?

Any news on this topic? It’s very annoying to change the language every time! I also would put a settings in the configuration file!

I have the same problems since last update. It get’s back to Bulgarian right after I logout.
Another issue: today after last update screen went blank, can’t get it back with CACHE Clear, Restarts, everything I read. Bad thing is that now I can’t even backup or update.

Well, the sad thing is that nobody seems to know how to fix that “bug”.

Any news about this issue?