Large delay from switch to lamp - Why?


I’ve a problem, I’ve set up homeassistant with the Virtualbox image.

I’ve got two Qubino Flush 1 Relay which is set up to be linked in Homeassistant controleld by a Aeotec z-stick 5.

Qubino no 1: has a wall switch connected to it so when that one is pressed the lamp which is
connected to Qubino no 2 will switch on.

When doing this in the web gui it is instant fast to switch on the lamp (both when using the qubino connected to the lamp and the linked one), but when using the light switch instead it takes 2-3sec before the light turns on.

First I thought this was one of the drawbacks of using z-wave but I’ve also tried with shelly (same setup) and then I even have larger delays.

Both the z-wave and the shelly setup is setup in the " Automations " section. (see pictures)

If I use DDD on the shelly’s they are also instant.

Why is this? what can I do about it?

I don’t have those, but I have seen with other reported goods result with MQTT for Shelly.