Large Jump in Utility Meter Helper

I’m attempting to track my energy consumption throughout the month to get an idea of what my electric bill will be. I’ve got everything functioning with the many tariffs my utility uses but, for some reason, my Utility Meter Helpers tracking consumption for the month will randomly see a massive spike in consumed kWh that the source sensor doesn’t see.
When looking at the history of my home energy meter (ZW095 by AEON Labs) I see a steady rise in consumption that tracks what I would expect based on use. However, my Utility Meter Helpers, for the same time period, see a large jump in consumption that isn’t supported by their source entity, as seen below (ignore the numerical values displayed for the entities, they should not match).

Home Energy Meter source entity

Utility Meter Helper for the same time period

As far as I can understand, the state of these helpers can’t be changed outside of their own internal machinations, so I don’t think a rule is inadvertently changing the value. Additionally, this is only the second time seeing this behavior in over 2 months of running this exact setup. Any ideas or suggestions of what’s going on here?

By now, I would think this is something I should know, but is there a log where I can see the what, when, and why for the Utility Helpers to try and understand what caused this jump?

Have the same situation here, it does not start from 0 + difference, it seems to take the last value and then adds diff. This was working differently before

I created an issue in GitHub - Large Jump in Utility Meter Helper · Issue #100651 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Went log diving and found the root cause of my issue. The details are in the GitHub issue above, but in short - the helpers do not enable net metering (so positive AND negative flow) by default. It can be enabled but has to be done with YAML configuration. For the sake of future help, here is how I configured my helpers

        source: sensor.home_energy_meter_electric_consumption_kwh
        name: Energy Cost Off-Peak >775
        cycle: monthly
            days: 14
        net_consumption: true

Nice that it worked out for you, mine is still odd
I have a elec.source sensor that provides two values, one kWh on low-cost-time one on high-cost-time
If I create UM for each one of them all is fine
If I create a template sensor to track total use i.e. {{ low + high }} and a UM based on that…every day a peak in the UM, none in the template itself… will create a case someday

That’s a bummer… FWIW, the maintainer of the UM code was very responsive so hopefully you can get it sorted quickly.

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