Large scale energy management

I would like to track individual breaker power usage in my home but my home has a total of 96 fuses. i previously had an energy monitoring system from a place called sage but they want a yearly subscription cost of 2000$ which is way too much. but i still have the hardware which includes the ct clamps. i found solutions for a single circut using esp home which was nice but its really expensive and requires a lot of space so is there a smaller and cheaper solution for something of my scale. also, for referance my house feed is 600amps and after we build phase 2 of the house might be as much as 1600 amps.

Where are you located. Device availability and power requirements vary GREATLY by geography.

So just to clarify you want power at the breaker level for every circuit? (I’m asking that way because that’s a very specific requirement. And before you go down that path you need to level set. You need either a smart panel that monitors the breakers, a clamp on every circuit or individual monitoring devices at each endpoint. Read:$$$$)

I personally solved this exact requirement replacing my entire panel with a SPAN smart panel. But you seem price conscious and those start at $4500USD plus licensed electrician installation.

So what data are you actually after?

I will point out that the span only has 32 circuits. I am assuming the OP meant circuit breakers and not fuses. He would need 3 panels to cover all the current circuits, and with the potential upgrade to 1600 amps I would imagine almost 3 times that number would be needed. At the current price of $3500 plus installation you are looking at ~45-50K USD. Nice but expensive.

As Nathan states what are you trying to achieve? Is it monitoring or control.

I am intrigued with the span and wish I knew about it before solar install when they had to replace my main panel.

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Exactly my point. 96 circuits. This is going to be Pricey (i had to have a main/sub because of local code requirements and it hurt)

im located in hartland area in wisconsin (US) my main goal is to monitor. I already have ct clamps so thats dealt with i just need a control unit for it. maybe custom soldering or something with esp home but idk, we are adding solar panels and batteries soon so thats the reason im adding it. we currently have 3 main panels and 2 sub panels. ill link a video of it so you kinda know what im doing.
video of panel and current state