Last Assist Sentence in Variable?

is there a variable that contains the last understood Assist sentence? For example “Turn the lights on”.
I would like to process this sentence that Assist has understood.

Greetings from Moni_Ka

You can use automation to track events and keep the required value
event_type: wyoming-satellite-pipeline
They will contain the spoken phrase, the name of the intent and all other data.

Hi Mchk, do you know, if the event wyoming-satellite-pipeline is supposed to work when Espressif is used as voice satellite?
When I activated listening to this event in Developer Tools, unfortunately I do not see it to be fired during processing of voice commands from Espressif…
Thanks in advance for any hint!

Try to enable the filter for all events - *. And immediately use the assist. After that, you can see what was happening in the system.
Regardless of the type of satellite, events are handled in HA

Unfortunately no success here. I enabled listening for all events in “Developer tools” (using “*”), but did not find any event that would represent sentence received from my satellite.

Not sure about custom sentences, but using in an automation with sentence trigger, you can use the data:

{{ trigger.sentence }}