Last Notification sensor stopped updating

I use sensors:

  • Last Notification
  • Last removed notification
  • Notification count

After the latest Core 2024.3 update, these sensors stop updating every few days.
The remaining sensors from the integration work normally (only these three stop)
Sometimes it is enough to turn them off and on again, but sometimes I need to reset the phone to make them work again.
Previously they worked continuously for me.
I didn’t change anything in the settings, battery saving modes were not turned on, etc.

Has anyone encountered such a problem?

any errors in the companion app logs when it fails?

I never checked the logs on the application. Currently the phone is away from me and I can’t check it and the person who has it won’t be able to do it remotely

yea we need to see the logs.

The sensor works like this. Anytime something is added or removed from the device status bar the app gets notified and we push that update based on the allow list settings. Active notifications should be updated regardless but it could have an error too. what are teh allow list settings on this device? did you disable it?

The sensors have been working continuously for many months. They have survived many os and core updates. They only turned off once when my dad turned on the ultra save mode battery.
Everything is as usual, the “allow list” option is enabled and the sensors suddenly stop working.

how many apps are in the allow list? we most likely need to look at the logs the moment when an app in the allow list posts a notification so we can see what the issue is.

sorry, the “allow list” option is disabled. The phone sends all possible notifications.
If we can’t do anything without the journal logs, let’s postpone the topic until Thursday. When I have access to my phone, I will send you the logs.
Do you have any suspicions as to what might be causing the stoped?

no idea, only the logs will tell, when you look at t he logs make sure to keep the app open for a bit and add/clear some notifications so we can see what the logs look like

ok, I looked at my logs now, but I only have them from the current day. How to check the logs from Monday?

logs are not stored taht long, you need to wait for the issue to crop up again and check the logs then but you need to make sure to receive and clear some notifications while the logs are generating (about 10 minutes) so we can see if there are any failures

ok this will be difficult as the phone is usually far away from me. Maybe there is another way?

to get the on device logs? no they are on device

ok. I returned home, restarted the phone and the sensors started working.
Earlier, however, the remaining sensors stopped working when the phone was off Wi-Fi. It turned out that mobile data stopped working, even though it was turned on.
So I think the reason may be in Android 13. The system seems to have disabled some permissions and functions, although they are enabled in the settings.
Rebooting the phone restores everything.
Maybe someone has encountered such a problem?