Last_reset : Today minus 1 day and custom value


{{ (now().timestamp() - 1 * 86400 ) | timestamp_custom('%Y-%m-%dT23:59:59') }}

Formular itself is working when i test the Syntax but the Value “last_reset” ends with the Formula and not and the Result “2022-06-19T23:59:59”

      last_reset: >
        {{ (now().timestamp() - 1 * 86400 ) | timestamp_custom('%Y-%m-%dT23:59:59') }}

Please help, thx Berni

You can’t template there.

ok, so what can i do ?
i need to add last_reset to my energy cause missing
and this with the correct value.

You can make a template sensor.

FYI, your template can be simplified to

{{ today_at().isoformat() }}

thx but how to subscract 1 day and customize the format?

You don’t need to. That template gives you midnight today and formats it.

agree on the today, but i need it 1d before

No it doesn’t. Your last template is doing 23:59:59 the previous day where the template I provided is giving you 1 second after that time.

{{ today_at().isoformat() }}
come to result

and i need

that’s not a real time…

Also, do you understand the differences between UTC and Local time? I’d be very surprised if your device reset at midnight UTC (or the second before).

my fault, but i need this date cause the Tauron AMI Plus show data of day before not realtime.

Yes but what you aren’t understanding is that you keep saying “It needs the day before hand” but it’s not the day before hand.

Midnight is hour 0 of day 20. It’s also hour 24 of day 19. You’re calling out midnight and you don’t realize it. You’re not calling out the day before at all.

can me make a google meet or similar, i think we talk about some but dont get your point?

No, you just need to understand that

2022-06-20T00:00:00 is equal to 2022-06-19T24:00:00, which is pretty much equal to 2022-06-19T23:59:59.

got it,
but {{ today_at().isoformat() }}
result in 2022-06-20T00:00:00**+02:00**
so is the “+02:00” not this day?

and is it needed than to make

    name: "last_reset"

or can i use

      last_reset: >
        {{ today_at().isoformat() }}

Does this reset 2 hours after midnight your time or does it reset at midnight?

Tauron AMI is is the Energy Meter but power production is max to 22:00
thats why i wanna today -1d at 22:00:00 or 23:59:00