Last_triggered timestamp

I’m doing some troubleshooting on my automations, checking when they triggered, etc and I find that the last_triggered: attribute shows in UTC, regardless of my timezone setup, both in rPi or hass configuration.yaml file.

Is there any setting I’m missing, or is that by design? Of course it would be immensely useful to see the local time.


Where you able to find out. My automation also shows wrong triggered.
“friendly_name”: “Main door open send voice alert”,
“last_triggered”: “2017-02-22T13:31:25.947488+00:00”

This automation triggered at 5:30 AM PST but it shows 13:31. I check the pi time and it shows correct time. I even display date and time on Home-Assistant page and that is also correct. Can any one help.

Hi @vageesh79, I haven’t found the answer yet. As a workaround I send myself a pushbullet notification, so I can see what time they triggered.

Anyone found a solution for this?
Very annoying that you have to re-calculate all the last_triggered

UTC is standard for recording times. I am using this value in another automation using a value template. You could convert to local time and store as an attribute using a value template.