Last Update Time Entity in Mobile App Integration

I like to submit a feature request for the mobile app integration in HomeAssistant. I believe it would be useful to have the ability to store and retrieve the last update time, specifically for events such as geo-updates. This feature would enable users to determine when the last geo-update occurred, allowing them to identify situations where the user may have accidentally closed the app, and subsequently send push notifications to notify and engage them. Many HomeAssistant users rely on the mobile app integration to automate various aspects of their smart home. By utilizing the last update time, presence automation can be more reliable and accurate, ensuring that actions and notifications are triggered appropriately based on the user’s real-time location.

Here are some key points to consider regarding the benefits and use cases of this feature:

  1. Accurate User Tracking: By storing the timestamp of the last update, HomeAssistant/user automation rules can track the precision of the user location and presence.

  2. Error Detection and Recovery: With the last update time entity available, automations can assume if the mobile app has been closed or is experiencing connectivity issues. This allows for proactive measures to be taken, such as sending push notifications to the user’s device to remind them to reopen the app or troubleshoot any connectivity problems or even to skip certain automations if the location data is probably outdated.

  3. Notification Customization: The ability to determine the last update time provides an opportunity for users to customize their notifications based on specific time intervals. For example, a user can set up a notification to be sent if the last update occurred more than an 8h ago, indicating a potential issue with the mobile app or device.

PS: The standard attribute “last_update” of the “last_update_trigger” entity is not suitable for this use case because this attribute is only updated when the value itself has actually changed, rather than being updated regardless of value changes.