Last Used App Sensor: Update Frequency

TLDR: I don’t know why my sensor doesn’t update upon opening a new app (googling seem to suggest it is supposed to), can I change ONLY this sensor’s update frequency?

I have a use case where I want an automation run based on what app I’m using on my Samsung Tab S4. I’m using the ‘last used app’ sensor which recognizes the app, however it only polls/updates every 15 minutes regardless of when I change apps or use apps within this interval. Only the app being used at the 15min interval is shown. The exception to this is the HA Companion App which updates immediately. I am aware of the ‘update frequency setting’ of 1 minute updates or update more frequently when charging. I don’t want to use those since all of the time I’m using the tablet is on battery. I’ve been searching on the forums & google, most of what I find are problems related to location tracking & a post showing the sensor behaving as I expected (updating when a new app is launched). I’ve checked my background settings are set to allow & battery optimizations are disabled.

Since the sensor does not update when launching a different app, is there a way to change JUST this sensor’s update interval?


no sensor update frequency is for all sensors and this sensor in particular is not a push based sensor and must be polled.

Ok, that’s what I was afraid of.

It looks like I can do something with Tasker (Android) & Home Assistant. But that will be research for another day…

Thank you for the response!