Lateral file editor bar

Go again to the addon dashboard, make a screenshot and post it.

This appears, nothing…

and this is the links: …/8123/lovelace/0

This is your addon dashboard? settings → Add-ons?

Yes it is, it’s empty

I’m not familiar with Synology. Maybe you should raise an issue on Github.

I’ll try to reinstall all and makes test in a virtual machine and if continues failing, or I’ll test in a raspberry. Wich one platform do you recommebd better? Thanks in advance

Depends on your skills. the recommended installation method is OS.

Yeah!!! In Virtual machine with HAOS i found store, but this lie to me!! he he he in english store, in spanish is complementos, like complements hehehe, i’ll try in docker container and i tell in this thread the progress, thanks mate!

But meantime, happens another thing, when I try to log in google home with home assistant, it fails i think by the port 8123 is not secure, anyone know another ports that its are https?? thanks in advance!!

I continue testing. trying with the new version, in virtual machine and in docker container, this is happens: