Lateral file editor bar

Hi!! I cannot add to a lateral bar, with this code, one thing or another.

I put this code:


  • name: Server Controls
    url_path: config/server_control # url_path Necesita ser única para cada configuración de panel_custom
    sidebar_title: Server Controls
    sidebar_icon: mdi:server #
    module_url: /local/panel-redirect.js # ‘local’ is ‘/config/www/’

  • name: panel-redirect
    url_path: redirect-supervisor # url_path Necesita ser única para cada configuración de panel_custom
    sidebar_title: Supervisor
    sidebar_icon: mdi:home-assistant #
    module_url: /local/panel-redirect.js
    target: /hassio/dashboard # Hacia dónde quieres redirigir

But no works the shop, to put addons and the file editor, I can’t install and i don’t know how to do.
Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community!

There is no path config/server-control anymore. It’s now developer-tools/yaml. Also you don’t need a real module_url. Try it out :slight_smile:


  - name: developer-tools/yaml
    sidebar_title: YAML
    sidebar_icon: mdi:alpha-y-box-outline
    module_url: any text

  - name: hassio/dashboard
    sidebar_title: Addons
    sidebar_icon: mdi:tools
    module_url: any text

Ok! Thanks in advance!

I’ll try it as quick I can!

This code, put available the Shop and rest of things? Thanks in advance! I need to install file editor!

With the first block you generate a sidebar shortcut that leads to the formerly known server control, the second to the addon dashboard.

Hi again!! i continue without watch the shop… I putted these code and it doesn’t work…
Any idea…?

Thanks in advance mates.
this is my file:

Did you restart HA and at least refreshed your browser?

Wait, i see in your sidebar the two added shortcuts. So what du you mean with ‘no shop’? And what is not working?

The Shop of addons to add file editor and more addons. The button of the code, shows dashboard, no the Shop. I dont know if I’m explain certainly. I have an installation in synology nas by docker, and yes, I tried to refresh ctrl+f5 in the browser and to reboot the server

Ah, ok, the correct link is hassio/store. You can see it if you go to the store and click the domain field of your browser.

Nothing mate, I don’t know what happen but it doesn’t work. What more can I do?? Now, Resumen (First section, and addons, now are empty, and dont shows the store) Thanks in advance!

Did you do that and checked the adress?

Yes I putted that and i wrote in the browser manually and it can’t found with this end of link /hassio/store or /store

Only you know the link to your addon store :wink: Mine is hassio/store.

The thing must be easy but I don’t understand it and I’m starting to despair. Could someone connect remotely to help me? I don’t understand the link and why things don’t work for me.

Then post the complete link to your store.

Where it apears??

I pulse in it and dont works

It’s in the adress field of your browser.

I can’t found the form to do that. I’m having problems with the ports too, because it puts in 8123 for default, and when i try to access, the browser say that is not secure in the lock icon, and with plex with 32400 the same but the certificates are correctly installed. So it’ll be a pleasure to me, if you want to met or check my installation via teamviewer or similar and discord to can speak.

Thanks in advance! :pray:t3::muscle:t3: