Latest core update (2024.5.0) rollback?


is there any chance to roll back the latest core update (2024.5.0) to the previous installed one (2024.4.4). I am experiencing massive problems with the Mai update:

  • Toyota interation (HACS installed) stopped working completly
  • Synolgy can only sporadically read the values of my DSM216se
  • Higher memory usage resulting in ESP home cannot compile any FW-updates anymore (even after reboot) on my Raspberyy Pi 3b+
  • Meross integration (HACS installed) has often problems (switches/outlets are ‘greyed out’, the original App on the same WLAN works)

All above worked before upgrading (OK, for compiling with ESP Home I had to restart the Pi to free up enough memory).

ha update --version 2024.4.4
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ha core update --version 2024.4.4