Latest docker is not latest version

Hi there,

I installed Home Assist docker on my synology. I used “latest”, but it installed 2022.9 instead of 2022.10.

I am very, very new to HA and I guess that 2022.10 is maybe not yet considered stable enough to become the official “latest” docker. That is totally fine.

My question is: How do I know which version actually is shipped with “latest”?

All the best

stable would be a better choice if you want the latest stable build.

@Tediore I actually want the latest, but still the container ships with 2022.9.

Still my question stays the same but now extends: How do I know which version is shipped with latest/stable?

You check the manifest if you want to know that.
But if that matters to you, then just use the version number directly instead.

it looks like something went wrong. i re-installed it and this time it pulled 2022.10.

sorry for the confusion.