Latest ESPHome (2023.7.0) error on component st7789v.display

I just upgraded the home assistant ESPHome component. I the installed the upgraded code to my devices. I get the following error from a TTGO T-Display device:
[12:58:08][W][component:204]: Component st7789v.display took a long time for an operation (0.12 s).
[12:58:08][W][component:205]: Components should block for at most 20-30ms.
The error repeats several times every iteration (I see that from the log as it goes through the sensors readings).

There are breaking changes in display

It’s not a breaking change. I logged an issue on Github and it turns out that this warning was always there, just hidden because it previous logged at the Verbose level.

The warning can be hidden again by changing the Component monitor logging level to ERROR:

  level: DEBUG
    component: ERROR

I red it, before upgrading, but I do not think that the cause is related. If it helps, I can post the YAML code. I start with the display section, being the font, color and graph pretty standard.


  • platform: st7789v
    model: TTGO TDisplay 135x240
    backlight_pin: GPIO4
    cs_pin: GPIO5
    dc_pin: GPIO16
    reset_pin: GPIO23
    • id: page1
      lambda: |-
      it.rectangle(0, 0, it.get_width(), it.get_height(), id(my_blue));
      it.rectangle(0, 20, it.get_width(), it.get_height()-40, id(my_blue));
      it.strftime(10, 5, id(helvetica_S), id(my_fucsia), TextAlign::TOP_LEFT, “%H:%M”, id(homeassistant_time).now());
      it.strftime(90, 5, id(helvetica_S), id(my_fucsia), TextAlign::TOP_CENTER, “%A”, id(homeassistant_time).now());
      it.strftime(25, 224, id(helvetica_S), id(my_fucsia), TextAlign::LEFT, “%d-%m-%Y”, id(homeassistant_time).now());
      it.printf(5, 35, id(helvetica_16), id(my_yellow), TextAlign::TOP_LEFT, “Temp: %.1f°C”, id(temperature).state);
      it.printf(5, 65, id(helvetica_16), id(my_yellow), TextAlign::TOP_LEFT, “Umid: %.1f%%”, id(humidity).state);
      it.printf(5, 95, id(helvetica_16), id(my_yellow), TextAlign::TOP_LEFT, “Press: %.1fhPa”, id(pressure).state);
      it.printf(5, 125, id(helvetica_16), id(my_yellow), TextAlign::TOP_LEFT, “PR: %.1f°C”, id(dew_point).state);
      it.printf(5, 155, id(helvetica_16), id(my_yellow), TextAlign::TOP_LEFT, “Illum: %.1flux”, id(illuminance).state);
    • id: page2
      lambda: |-
      it.graph(5, 5, id(h24_temp));
      it.graph(5, 85, id(h24_press));
      it.graph(5, 165, id(h24_humidity));

Ok, thank you. This explains it. To some extent it is a breaking change, although undocumented :wink:
Maybe if the authors decided to change the logging level of this warning there is a reason. Before just ignoring it I thought it was better reporting it.