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I recently and unintentionally did something to my nest account and now my integration is no longer working. Is there any way I can revert back to the nest dev account? Or get it working with the works with google setup?

what I know you cant revert it back. And there is no solution to let it work with Google Account.

So you’re saying I screwed up :slight_smile:


Maybe you can try this:

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Hmm, I didn’t really do anything to my configuration with Nest and suddenly after a quick restart none of my Nest devices are hooking up anymore. :frowning:

I noticed this afternoon that one of my Nest Protects was unavailable and it appeared available shortly thereafter. Looking at the histories of the others it seems they dropped off a couple of times without notification over the last 24hrs.

Nest service was down some time this week. I know nothing more than seeing headlines in my newsfeed.

Here I didn’t have any issues…

For a poor man’s solution - has anyone found a way to link to the Nest app from HA?