Latest TestFlight Version = States showing blank & cant scroll edit list

I have submitted feedback via testflight but just wondering who else has problems with the iOS app?

  • States only show on some entities, some are blank and never update - for example 3 input booleans look like this:

Guest Mode - shows blank
Work From Home Mode - shows off
Away Mode - shows blank

  • Go to More > Edit to add different icons to the menu bar. If you have more entities/groups and the page can show you then cant scroll the list as the finger press tries to move the icons instead.

This isnt a bash on the app or anything, i am purely curious to see if others have this behavior. What concerns me is the app was submitted for review yet really isnt fully functional.

iOS Notifications do work really well though :smiley:

Honestly I only use the app for notifications and location tracking.

Sometimes I wish it had a panel that was just a browser frame to the web gui.