Latest version of HA slow to load

I have had HA version 8.4 for about 2 years and there has been no problems with it.
2 days ago I upgraded to Version 9, and now when I click on items in the left side menu, it seems to take forever to load / show up. I have quite a fast internet connection, so it shouldn’t be slow.
I have HA installed on a Pi3, if it makes any difference
Has anyone else noticed this.


You are probably not using your internet connection at all, so that is not really the issue.
You are upgrading from a somewhat old version to a the latest and somewhere in those many updates you jump might be some breaking changes here and there you will have to find in the logs and then correct and you might also have some serious database changes and optimizations that have to run, which can take many hours, especially on a slow device like a RPi3.
Have patience!

No I’m not using internet, you are right. I should have said I have all my home network gadgets connected by either cat5e or cat6 ethernet cable where possible. Other than that I have a good wifi signal around the house.
Is a Pi 4 any faster by any chance


Just found out:
The Pi 4 is only 10% faster than the Pi 3.
Makes me think I should have HA on an ssd in a pc

But has up to 8x the ram. But yes I endorse using a PC.

While a PC based setup is certainly faster than a Pi, this here:

is absolutely not normal. Not even on a Pi Zero. It sounds like your system is having issues serving the files over http. Are you running on an SD card ? It might be end of life. Also check if there are errors in the logs or if you notice unusually high CPU load. The latter can happen due to background tasks from the update, as @WallyR mentioned. In this case, just wait it out, it’s going to settle eventually.

For reference, I use a Pi3 on a pretty large install and my CPU load averages at 2%. If however you run CPU heavy tasks, like camera feeds or ML on your system, then switching to a low power x86/64 is the right thing to do.

I personally use an older fanless laptop with a broken monitor.
The laptop is quite powerful compared to a RPi3 or 4 and the battery actually work as a builtin UPS that can be easily integrated into HA with just a few command line sensors.

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I am going to try an ssd attached to my Pi3 to see how that goes, and if not any faster I’ll do as you have

I found a website which gave destructions on how to migrate HA from an sd card to ssd drive. (If I am allowed to post the said link I will),
I tried it but the ssd card didn’t boot, at least there was no flashing booting led on my pi3. I read the destructions again and tried once more, no go.
I eventually put the original ssd card back in the pi3 and plugged the ssd in by means of an adaptor. HA booted ok, but the web page said it was preparing Home Assistant and it could take 20 minutes. Well after about 10 hours it was still saying the same. Needless to say I gave up on that idea, and will now see if I can get an old laptop.