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I just upgraded to the latest version and now I get the following error.

Why do I get this config warning on line 70?

you have "name: " somewhere that it isn’t supposed to be. the problem is that the checker ignores commented lines (#) so look up above line 70 for “name:” that isn’t supposed to be supported by the component.

Ok, I found it at line 3.
So I can just remove the “name: Home” line then?


That “name:” is actually supposed to be there. It’s what the label is at the top of the screen that says “Home”.

I would start at line 70 and scroll up until I find the first “name:” and then checks the docs to see if it’s supposed to be there. If so then move to the next one up. and so on.

ah ok, sorry, (I’m still learning.)

The only “name :” I found was inside the “Buienradar” code.

Looking at the docs I do not see the problem.

try to comment that part out, restart HA and see if the error goes away.

I just did and error is indeed gone. But now my widgets do not have the name anymore of my city.
How can I change this so it shows me my city under the widget?

It looks like from the docs that “name” is a valid entry so unless the docs haven’t been updated then the only thing i know you can do right now is file a bug report at the HA github for that component.

In the meantime, tho you might be able to use the customize section to change the friendly name.

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ok, thanks for your help and patience!

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Another user pointed out that there is a fix in the works.

I would live with the error for now. Should go away with the next release.