Launch app from notification action

Is there a URI that I can call that will open the HA app opposed to the webpage in chrome? I notice that websites (youtube, reddit… for example) do this all the time. You can open the ‘link’ with the app or with web browser.

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Use /lovelace/ I think…
I’m slightly unclear with what you’re trying to say though.

the app should open on its own when the notification is selected unless you have defined the action or clickAction to link to something else

Sorry for the delay.

When I click the action it launches the web app in chrome, not the native application. Is there a way to open the native app instead?

It’s like I’m looking for the combination of the two links you provided. I’d like a chrome intent to open the home assistant app, and I’d like to trigger that from an action on a notification.

Thanks for providing those links. Really helped me better articulate what I’m trying to do.

Do you have the app installed? If you uninstall the web app PWA it should work again.

I dont have a web app installed, just the native companion app for Android.

Clicking the notification action launches a chrome tab, not the companion app.

Odd, what’s your push notification config?