Launch desktop client UI blank

This just started happening the other day. When I launch the client on macOS, the screen starts blank. See the attached screenshot.

Any ideas what I should do here?

I’m running on an M1 Macmini with macOS 13.3

Have you assigned a fixed ip to your HA installation?

I don’t believe so. But if I go into settings, I can see that I am connected to my server.

I also have automations that trigger from sensors on the desktop app so I know it is connected.

Go to the gearwheel and search or use a browser. What else can be, they only use it in their own network, i.e. without a cloud then it can also be because of the wifi.

Things are fixed. I went into Preferences → Debugging and tapped the “Reset” menu. Once I restarted, the UI presented in the window again.