Laundrify in Home Assistant

I haven’t seen a washer with a 30min soak step :thinking: is it a special program to remove stains or is it happening on (most likely the beginning of) every cycle?

What I did see a lot though, are washers with a broken heater or a broken pump, resulting in an atypical energy pattern as well.

which would also be a valuable information, and leads to new monetizing possibilities: “Due to power investigations, it seems your washing mashine is broken. Why not try this one:

Thank you for the information!

Hi @arganto ,

Would be interested in the power consumption as well. Can you tell me how you did that with the Rest API?


Unfortunately I moved away from Laundrify to a completely local working plug, where I have the energy and power directly in the integration.

But did is this way before

   - platform: rest
     name: "Trockner"
     resource: "http://ìp/status"
     value_template: '{{ value_json["power"]["watts"] }}'
     unit_of_measurement: "W"
     scan_interval: 30
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