Laundrify in Home Assistant

Hi there,

I recently discovered Laundrify, a startup which provides smart plugs with app to make your washing mashine smart.
It’s working great, has an Alexa skill and homebridge plugin.

However, since Homebridge Addon was deprecated, I have no idea how to get it running in Home Assistant.
I already contacted the developer if they are able to provide an integration for HA, but maybe someone here has made this already work?

For Reference, here’s the Project Site:

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Also ordered the Laundrify. Would love to see Home Assistant integration. Did the dev reply to you?

The developer told me that they are working on a Google Assistant integration first, but adding support to Home Assistant and iother features (like expose power consumption) is on their roadmap.
Hopefully, they will release a new version soon. I will update this thread once I know something new.

BTW: while I was evaluating other systems, I found out that with a little bit of more work, you could simple use the shelly plugs. You would need to do some manual work in order to get the notifications running, but it should be pretty straight forward to evaluate current power consumption of a plug.

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Hi all,

founder and developer of laundrify here. @mschabhuettl just made me aware of this thread (thanks!). As @pschneider87 already said, I am currently finalizing the Google Assistant integration and will start to work on Home Assistant afterwards. However, it’ll be my first time working with Home Assistant - I’ll most likely need some time to get started first :slight_smile:

Talking about the Homebridge Plugin I’d like to clarify that the community version (homebridge-laundrify) has been deprecated in favour of an official version (homebridge-laundrify-official).

Looking forward to share more news soon :slight_smile:


@xlarry just to make sure nobody get’s this wrong: I was not talking about your Homebridge-Plugin, but the Homebridge Addon for Home Assistant, which is deprecated :slight_smile:

Is there any update on this project?

I asked the developer and he’s waiting for the app to be reviewed and accepted by HA so it’s happening very soon :star_struck:. See here


Seems like the integration passed all the tests (check previous github link posted by me)

It’s there in the current beta :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Just wait for the Playstore to give us the latest app version

The iOS update has just been approved to be released tonight. Play Store update should be released at around 8pm (UTC+2) :tada:

Please not that all first time contributions are requested to limit their functionality to a minimum in order to ease the review process. Thus our integration provides nothing but the most basic functionality (binary sensor showing the state of your washing machine/dryer). We are eager to improve, e.g. by including the power consumption to Home Assistant’s energy dashboard or providing the real-time usage of your device.

We’d appreciate your help by reporting any bugs or feature requests in this thread, on github or via mail ([email protected]).

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that’s great news, thanks @xlarry !

It’s a great step to include my washing mashine into HA even if it’s just a basic sensor. Looking forward to the app update!

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just want to confirm that it’s working as expected with the new app

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This would be more than great! Currently, I have the actual power consumption integrated per REST-API. Would be great to get rid of this and have both actual and total, etc.

Is there a UK 3 Pin plug available for Laundrify? I only see a German one.

I’m interested in buying one and setting this up if there is.

At the moment we only have the Type F plug available. This might change in the future, although planning is rather vague in that regard tbh.

Does the Laundrify Home Assistant Integration rely on the cloud or can it be used completely local? Couldn’t find a definitve answer on their website. If it’s completely local then I’m going to buy one :slight_smile:

The integration requires the cloud, since the cycle detection is implemented in the backend (not in the plug itself).

On a side note: this kind of characteristic is called IoT class in HA and can be found in the summary text of each integration (quite hidden tbh) :slight_smile:


Just curious on the cycle detection - What are the things (parameters) you would look into / collect from the plug? Is there any machine learning in the background?

I mean, there are all kinds of different makes and models of washing machines out there. And each of them likely has multiple washing sequences, plus sometime users would have customized sequences also.
Hence the question: how do you detect the washing cycles?

For now there’s no machine learning or rocket science involved :grinning: it’s basically a simple algorithm that checks if the power consumption has been below a certain threshold for a certain time. There are some special cases (like anti-crease program) to keep in mind, but in the end it comes down to “no power → program finished”.

Nevertheless I am kinda curious if any ML/AI model could deliver some more insights (such as: which program has been started, what’s the current phase of the cycle, what’s the estimated remaining time, etc.). I will definitely do some explorations in that direction at some point :slight_smile:

Thanks. When I attempted something similar (didn’t finish, maybe I should try again) a couple of months ago, I ran into the “soak” step where the washer would do nothing but countdown for 30 minutes before continue.
And that was just my washer - can’t imagine how many flavours and possible programs or sequences out there.