Laview Camera streaming

Didnt find any post related to Laview POE camera streaming setup so just trying to help anyone looking for details.

Most (may be all?) of the Laview cameras are Hikvision, so hikvision camera setup can be re-used for these cameras.

Setup Laview cameras:

In configuration.yaml:

  - platform: generic
    name: LaviewCam
    stream_source: rtsp://
    username: !secret laviewcam_username
    password: !secret laviewcam_password
    verify_ssl: false

For alerts (and future automation):

  • Enable “notify surveillance center” in Linkage method for various alerts

In configuration.yaml

  - platform: hikvision
    name: LaviewCam
    username: !secret laviewcam_username
    password: !secret laviewcam_password

For LovelaceUI:

Show as picture glance card:

type: picture-glance
camera_image: camera.laviewcam
  - binary_sensor.laviewcam_motion
  - binary_sensor.laviewcam_disk_full
  - binary_sensor.laviewcam_tamper_detection
title: LaviewCam

So I’m completely new to all of this, but if I copy/paste this into my setup, it will work? Looking to buy these on Amazon: LV-PWB5B-4PK


Hello! New to HA and really am diggin’ it. Apparently I have been lucky because most all things I am using have been already supported. I do have a good amount of LAView cameras. 4 of them… I read this post on how to get them working but I really am clueless as to how to proceed.
I would appreciate any success stories on the matter. Thank you.

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It would be great if someone had an answer for this. I also have several Laview cams and can’t figure out how to integrate them with HA