Lay-out dashboard

Hi, My apologies if this is mentioned before, I did used the search but could not find anything that explains this to a novice like me :wink:

How can you easily design a Dashboard because I’m getting complete crazy from lay outing these cards they keep messing up, can somebody explain, help me a little here what I want to create is basically a dashboard with 3 columns with cards, and one dashboard with 4 columns with cards, both fixed for all screen sizes so not automatically reordering like they now always do So basically I just want to create some columns and then define that a card needs to be in column nr 1,2,3… on place 1,2,3…

I tried it this way, but if I add content in the cards, entities, weather, banner… information all the cards are getting mingled again, is there a way that I can force this layout so cards don’t mess up again?