Layout issue

Hi guys, I’m new to Home Assistant and have been enjoying the journey towards automating my home. I have just started trying to work with the UI editor and wondering if someone can shed some light on something.

I have two thermostat cards set up on a separate tab. For some reason they will not display side by side on any device whether my laptop screen or a tablet. This is despite there being adequate screen space for this to work. I thought that the UI was designed to lay the cards out in a responsive way?

Does anybody have any idea how to adjust this behaviour? I tried a horizontal stack card but then it messes up display in the iOS application as it can’t stack vertically there where it needs to.

Thanks in advance!

Yeah for all the promise of Lovelace the automatic layout is still retarded.

If horizontal stacks are not to your liking there’s this.

I have not yet tried it but will soon. I have a couple of views where there is more than enough screen realestate for four columns but HA insists on using three and stacking the cards vertically so I have to scroll. :confused:


It’s not that bad, it makes sense once you realize it tries to account for all viewing sizes!

Kinda, but other dashboard apps (like grafana) seem to cope better