Lazy Spa - Node Red Set Temp

Hi. Hoping someone can help.

I am using the wifi module from HotTubManager on my Lazy spa hot tub. Its all hooked up via MQTT and i can control all of it via the HA dashboard.

I am looking to use Node Red to have a more flexible power up , turn heating on etc.

The entity is


In developer tools i can set the target temp and all good, I am struggling to do the same thing via Node Red. Any suggestions?

min: 20
max: 40
step: 1
mode: slider
unit_of_measurement: oC
device_class: temperature
icon: mdi:thermometer
friendly_name: hottubmanager7D Target Temperature

Can you please post your node red code?

Since the entity is in HA already you can use a call service with number for the domain and set_value for the service.

Thank you so much. that has worked perfectly.

really appreciate the reply

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