LCD display (HD44780) with esphome

I’ll start by saying that I’m new and I hope my question makes sense :wink:.
I have a bona fide 2402-01 LCD display that tI understand is compatible with HD44780. I’m trying to connect it to an ESP8266 with esphome.
It seems that I need to use a driver for I2C bus (which I semi-understand, but it has 4 pins) but my display has 16 pins (which I can’t even see which pin is what on the board itself as it came presoldered to a bus, but the specification is in the link above).
Correct me if I’m wrong, but do I need to use a PCF8574 as an intermidiary? If I have enought available pins on the ESP8266 can’t I use it directly?
I appriciate any solution or a guide to learn about it.

Yes. The esphome integration is for I2C control only, not parallel data.

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