LCN - Asign Room to Device

Hi Everyone,

I have just been able to setup Hassio on my Synology via Docker. Then i have successfully connected to my LCN Bus and configured my first light.

- name: Büro
address: myLCN.s0.m10
output: output1
dimmable: false
transition: 0

This works but show up on the Dashboard a a sepperate Tile.

I could not figure out how to asign this to a room. I get the following Message: This entity does not have a unique ID, therefore its settings cannot be managed from the UI.

any clue on how to do this ?

any help is highl appriciated.

Thanks Chris

As it is not a discovered entity and was configured in yaml manually you can’t (yet) assign it to an area.

You can take control of the Lovelace UI and move it wherever you want though.

Thanks Tom. I found a way to work arround this in Livelace ui.