LCN Dyn Text

how can dynamic text be shown permanently?
Thank you

hi…Can you explain a but more?

I want to send text on GT4D in the morning. At the moment the text only appears for a few seconds and then disappears.

Why cant you resend the text again and again before it disappears. You can use the repeat until type action in automations with a timeout for this.

If this is triggered every 5 seconds, the bus is very stressful.

As far as I know, you can program permanent text with LCN-Pro. Which text is shown depends on the logical sum of the leds (which you can set from HomeAssistant using the appropriate service call).
I guess the dynamic text service call is just for showing temporary text.

thanks, I already found out.
Maybe I didn’t say correctly, I don’t need it permanently, but for 1-2 hours.

There shall be a PCK command which sets the text duration. Maybe you could try it out with the PCK service call.
The syntax for the command is: GTDDrnn where r=row, nn=duration (up to three digits). I don’t know if the duration is given in seconds or in some non-linear way.
The full syntax for the service call should be:

service: pck
  address: myhome.0.7
  pck: GTDD1010

I never tested it. Just try it out. Would be great if you could give some feedback on that.

perfect that works.
where can i read more about PCK?
Would be interesting to change color if possible

I am not aware of any PCK command to change the text color.

Unfortunately the PCK Dokumentation is not for distribution. Maybe you can get a personalized copy directly from Issendorff?

thank you, i understand,
got a copy from Issendorff